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Winding Machine of Elbow
Technical parameters
Winding process: wet winding / dry winding, filament winding / band winding.
Winding pattern: single/multiple tangency point, mixed winding.
Diameter of elbow wound: DN300mm (radius of curvature is 1-1.5D) .
Angle of elbow wound: 90°,60°,45°,22.5°.
Maximum weight of elbow wound: 150kg.
Speed of ring gear: 0-200r/min( stepless speed regulation).
Speed of car: 0-24m/min( stepless speed regulation).
Work station: 1.
Number of yarn roll:16.
Winding angle:70-90°.
Winding precision:±1mm.
Number of motion axes: 4 axes.
Way of fixation for mould: way of mechanical chuck, way of angle variable.
Controller :SIEMENS, NUM numerical control system, TRIO motion controller(optional).
Function of alert: failure alert, overtravel alert, low pressure alert etc..
Mechanical structure: gantry.


  • Winding Machine of Elbow

  • Winding Machine of Elbow

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