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Taian Composite Equipment Co., Ltd was ever a project group of composite material molding equipment of Harbin University of Science and Technology. The project group relies on Engineering Research Center of High Efficiency Molding Technology for Composite Material Shell and Research Institute of Mechanical And Electrical Control And Automation Technology approved by Education Department of Heilongjiang Province. The project group has a scientific research team which has solid foundation, complete subjects and rich experience, it has long been engaged in the research work of the studying of manufacturing equipment for composite material, the molding process of composite shell, the planning of robot motion, the control technology of motion and so on. The project group has solid theoretical basis and rich practical experience in above-mentioned respect. The project group has excellent studying experience of composite equipment and composite products for more than 10 years since 2002. Nowadays, the market share of winding equipment for high-pressure fiberglass pipe, designed by the project group is up to 80% in China. In addition, the winding equipment was also exported to America, Saudi Arabiaand Indonesia. The production is mainly used in oil, chemistry, aerospace, military project, ship, sea drilling platform, electricity and other areas.
The main technical achievements of the project group are as follows: (1) The project group took the lead in developing a composite material tube forming equipment based on 'internal solidification' and 'hot core winding', and applied it to the industrial manufacture of high-pressure fiberglass pipe for oil field and fiberglass pipe for ship. The research results were applied in more than 30 large scale enterprise of composite manufacturing at home and abroad and were exported to countries such as the United States, Russia and so on. The application of the above results directly promotes the industry of China's fiberglass pipe from importing country to exporting country. (2) The project group took the lead in developing the full-automatic production line of high-pressure fiberglass pipe integrates winding, curing and demolding into a whole. The production line is identified as the international advanced level. At the work of the production line, the interior of shell mold is heated by steam, the composite shell is wind and cured at the same time. (3) The project group took the lead in developing the fiber winding workstation based on industrial robot and came up with the design concept based on the network technology and the modularization, which realized the flowing line production of the whole process and multi operation process from material to product. The successful application of the project promoted China's manufacturing industry to transform to high-end intelligence. (4) The project group cooperated with the enterprise to participate in thesetting of 2 national industrial standards:'the standard of high-pressure fiberglass pipe for API 15HR, the third edition 'and ' the first part of the standard of the quality acceptance for non metal pipe: high-pressure fiberglass pipe '
Now, Taian Composite Equipment Co., Ltd has 2 industry experts,4 doctoral supervisors and more than 40 doctors, masters, senior engineers and senior technicians. The company integrates development, designing, production, sales and services of product into a whole and can provide the process and the equipment of the molding of the composite material(such as the full-automatic winding production line of fiber glass pipe using internal heating curing, the winding process and the winding equipment of the composite material based on the robot, the winding machine using fibre and fibre band for the composite material products, the demolding equipment of the composite material pipe, the spraying process and the spraying equipment based the technology of teaching hand by hand, etc.) , the winding software of winding and the auxiliary equipment related composite molding. In addition, we devote into providing the industrial automatic designing project and the full set of manufacture equipment for composite production and the technical assistance of equipment mentioned above. The company can provide the solving project of the whole manufacture process from the designing of workshop to the molding process and the manufacture equipment for composite production. The project includes the designing of the workshop, the designing of the material pipe body, the designing of the molding process, the developing of the molding equipment and the production line of the full set of the solving project, making sure that the customers can produce the products reaching to advanced level of the industry and making sure the products manufactured by our equipment conform to the standard of API. The company is based on rich scientific and technological strength and the human resources and is focused on the development and the manufacturing of flexible equipment for composite molding. The company plans to develop the manufacturing industry of intelligent equipment with Chinese technical characteristics through unique process technology of world leading, and make important contributions to promoting the development of the oil transportation, the aerospace, the offshore drilling platform, the light material and the environmental protection industry.
The leading products of Taian Composite Equipment Co. are as follows: (1) the full-automatic production line of high-pressure fiberglass pipe for winding. (2) the gantry/ horizontal winding machine of 4-6 DOF. (3) the robot winding workstation for composite material. (4) the electronic/mechanical tension control system. (5) the assembly robot of vehicle for insurance. (6) the spraying robot for windows and doors. (7) the winding machine with fibre and band for elbow.